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Let Sleeping Cats Lie Bronze Cat Sculpture

Let Sleeping Cats Lie Bronze Cat Sculpture

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Product Features
Working with Fair Trade certified organizations is an important part of what we do. This product is made by artisans that are fairly compensated for their skilled work, and helps provide a living wage as well as safe work conditions.

Perfect for animal lovers, this adorable statuette is from talented artisan Adi Noviantara. Crafted in Bali, a beautiful bronze cat sleeps peacefully with its head resting on two paws and back legs stretching out comfortably behind it. The artisan uses an antique finish to complete the wonderful design, accentuating its charming appeal.

  • Bronze
  • Features an aged antique finish
  • May present miniscule pores from the crafting process
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Indonesia

Artisan Information

Adi Noviantara

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Being a hero for my family is my dream and in my lifetime, it is more valuable than money. My name is I Nyoman Adi Noviantara and, for me, hard work and commitment are words that motivate me to keep on working hard for my children's lives to offer them a better future.

Born in a family of modest means compared to others' triggered in me a desire to work better. My father was a civil servant and my mother comes from a merchant family. Father is a hard worker who always wants his family to be happy and work with honesty and commitment, but his salary was only enough for us to eat. There were other needs that had to be fulfilled such as our Balinese customs and traditions, which required additional expenditures for ceremonies which are required. Then it became not so pretty while, at the same time, he was trying to provide for his three children.

I'm the youngest of the three and, after I was born, my mother began selling and trading, just like my grandmother did. Since then, my mother told me, little by little we had additional funds to provide for the family ceremony needs. Right now I feel indebted to my mother and her business. As I understand, having her small business gave me the opportunity to study and finish my school.

I want to make my mother happy and prove to her that her third child can help the family feel happier. I don't want Mother to worry about existing deficiencies and I will strive harder to be able to make her happy all the time.

Besides, now I have my own family and the future of my three children is mine to take care of. It's my duty to make my children happy and proud of me. I want them to see I am working hard for them, and as best as I can. This gives me a stronger spirit to strive harder.

Balinese and Indonesian culture is well known throughout the world, which we have preserved for thousands of years. There are stories about of ancient legends related to beliefs about the gods.

I have an affinity toward these stories of the gods and their relationship with Bali, and together with my determination to help mother, I began designing and crafting bronze and brass sculptures. Together with a team of five people, we started this venture and I continue working with my mother. Though our funds are limited, people in Bali as well as foreigners have been interested in our sculptures.

Working with you is an option for craftspeople like me. Thanks to you, my sculptures are promoted and becoming well-known to many more people around the world. This could be a great opportunity for me as well as preserving the culture of Bali and Indonesia through my work.

Thank you to everyone, and may God bless and thank you for acquiring my designs.

Supplier Information

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NOVICA was started with a dream to create a better world for artisans, because a better world for artisans is a better world for all.

Along the way, the founders of NOVICA discovered something very important - as artisans around the world succeeded, there was also a visible and profound impact on the communities around them.

Your purchases are that powerful. They directly and indirectly provide for education, help with health care, fund basic needs, support children, preserve disappearing arts, and of course, spread happiness around the world.

The founders of NOVICA had a vision of the future that is not one of mega factories producing cookie cutter products for all to cheaply consume. Instead, a bright future that celebrates artisans who take the time to create an item by hand. A future where time is protected, where stories are told, where unique details are honored. Love, respect, inclusiveness become driving force.


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