Shelter Dog Who Waited Over 2 Years To Be Adopted Finds Home, But Is Returned 24 Hours Later

Shelter Dog Who Waited Over 2 Years To Be Adopted Finds Home, But Is Returned 24 Hours Later

Sora, a pit bull/lab mix, was surrendered by her owner in 2021 to Valley Animal Center, a no-kill shelter in Fresno, California, because she required more attention and training than her owner could provide.

The high-energy pup has been waiting for almost three years for someone to adopt her. She loves to play, go for walks, and is always up for an adventure. Shelter life is taking a toll on this sweet pup even though staff and volunteers are doing their best to give her what she needs.

The shelter shared, "Sora’s anxiety has gotten the better of her. Our dog-care staff try their best to provide her with the physical enrichment she craves, but their efforts aren’t enough."

The sweet pup has done well with children over the age of 5 but needs to be the only pet. She was overlooked for so long and then someone came to take her home. She thought she had finally found her family - but was sadly returned just 24 hours after being adopted.

Sora needs time to adjust to her new surrounding and unfamiliar people, which may take a couple months. She has lived most of her life in the shelter and needs a patient person who will allow her to decompress at her own pace. The shelter states, "Her future adopter does not have to be super active; just someone willing to spend time with her daily and toss a ball around would change her life. All she needs is a home and someone willing to love her, flaws and all."

This playful girl is still looking for her special someone to love unconditionally and just wants the same in return. She will be the most loyal companion and longs for a home of her own.

In the meantime, Sora is being exercised twice a day and spends time on the agility course and playing with food puzzles to work her body and mind.

Learn more about Sora and how you can adopt her here.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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