Meet the Raccoon Who Sidelines as the Cutest Baker’s Assistant

Meet the Raccoon Who Sidelines as the Cutest Baker’s Assistant

Like in animated films and literary works, animals can be your life companion or work sidekick. They will always have your back — ensuring you accomplish a mission with their help. With their intelligence, they can lend you a helping hand and understand your needs despite the language barrier. Your personal life and career will bring happiness when you have your best bud. Dogs aren’t the only creatures who are capable of assisting a human. Other animals, such as horses, cats, geese, dolphins, and more, can have occupations. Like dogs, horses, and cats can also be involved in therapy. Animals surely contribute massively to society — proving how essential they are to the world.

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Wild animals could be someone’s little helper as well. Videos from the internet have been breaking misconceptions about savage animals — they’re not always terrifying and can be friendly. Fascinatingly, a Reddit post showed a clip of a raccoon assisting a person while baking. The woman was kneading the dough as the raccoon watched on the side. It was a rare moment — raccoons often scavenge for food instead of making it. In the first few seconds of the clip, the adorable assistant was quietly observing how things were done, when suddenly it decided to be naughty. The raccoon tried to sneak a bite like a child aiding their parents in the kitchen.

The once peaceful and supposedly therapeutic activity became chaotic because of the raccoon’s impulse. Thankfully, it did not become aggressive when the woman tried to stop it from eating the dough. The push and pull went on several times; perhaps the raccoon only offered help to get the first bite. It was not even baked yet, but the raccoon was too excited to taste it. The dough must have smelled so good for the animal to react that way. Hopefully, the lady still successfully baked the bread after a tug-of-war commenced in her kitchen. With how endearing and hilarious the video is, the post garnered 9.2k upvotes and over 400 comments.

The comment section was filled with funny remarks and reactions to the video. Hot_Temperature_5974 even compared the raccoon to Ratatouille, calling it, Raccacoonie. Maybe the raccoon really was teaching the woman and was trying to pull the dough to show her something. Aside from that, BladesHaxorus funnily wrote, “As someone who has worked kitchens for a very long time, this raccoon is likely more hygenic than my current head chef.” Raccoons are known for washing their hands and food before eating, which is a must when working in the kitchen. You’ll definitely have a good laugh while reading the whole discussion below OP’s post. Share the video with someone who loves baking, and maybe they’ll think about hiring a raccoon assistant.

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