Lucky Black Cat Survives Texas Wildfire And Leads Game Warden To More Kittens

Lucky Black Cat Survives Texas Wildfire And Leads Game Warden To More Kittens

Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire in Texas history, has destroyed hundreds of buildings, burned roughly 1.1 million acres, and claimed the lives of countless cattle. Firefighters are still working to contain the flames as well as two other wildfires in the Panhandle area.

Texas Game Warden Sarah Wennersten headed to an area devastated by the fire to assess the damage. As she walked around the charred ground, she come across a black cat. Then she saw another and another and decided to follow the "trail of kittens".

"After following the trail of kittens, she noticed one of them was suffering from singed fur and an injured paw. A medic Texas Task Force One attended to the little survivor and determined its injuries were not life threatening. Since the area was evacuated during the fire, the cat’s owners could not be located. Water and food were provided. The @Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team will check on the kittens today," posted Texas Game Wardens on Facebook along with a photo of Sarah holding the "lucky" black cat.

The Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team has been offering their veterinary services to cattle, livestock, and companion animals free of charge for people impacted by the fires. In just three days, the VET, "checked 366 head of cattle and treated an additional 70 animals including cattle, horses, donkeys, dogs, and a goat".

"Fires are unpredictable and often enter a community without warning; when this happens, more people and animals are likely to be affected," said Dr. Deb Zoran, VET director. "In these situations, it’s critical that we begin helping to take care of affected animals and support the local veterinary community as quickly as possible."

They will continue to help animals in need, including working dogs.

People praised Sarah for ensuring the cats were cared for until their owners return. Many said that crossing paths with a black cat is "lucky". One person wrote, "Awww!!! Thank you for caring about pets too! This is so important in disaster recovery work!"

Texas Game Wardens were among the first emergency responders helping people evacuate the area and blocked off dangerous roads. They are all heroes and continue to help those in need, including animals. Follow Texas Game Wardens on Facebook for more updates.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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