Coast Guard Rushes to Save Dog Who Fell Through Ice in Detroit River

Coast Guard Rushes to Save Dog Who Fell Through Ice in Detroit River

On New Year's Eve, officers of the Detroit sector of the Coast Guard were performing a routine patrol of the shoreline when they spotted something in the water.

A black and white dog was struggling to stay above the freezing water after falling through the ice near Grayhaven Island.

The team from USCG Station Belle Isle rushed to rescue the dog.

Photos of the rescue shared by the Coast Guard show Petty Officer Cole Harper wearing a wet suit and carefully walking out onto the ice with a rope tied around his waist for safety.

He reached the dog and pulled her out of the frigid water and brought her back to shore.

"She was breaking through the ice, trying to climb out and, especially for an animal, it's a very hard thing to do," Petty Officer Christian Hutchisson told local news, WXYZ Detroit.

He went on to say, "Very fortunate that we were there when we were there."

The sweet pup was wrapped in a blanket and kept warm until Detroit Animal Care and Control arrived. She will be held on stray hold for a few days and if no one comes to claim her she will be put up for adoption.

One of the officers has already expressed interest in adopting her if no one comes forward.

The Coast Guard thanked everyone involved and wrote, "Round of appaws 🐾 for Petty Officer Cole Harper and the boat crew for a successful animal rescue!"

People commended the team for their heroic efforts and one supporter said, "Oh my goodness! That is one grateful dog! 🥰 Thanks, USCG for saving the day - Semper Paratus!!!"

The USCG reminds people that no ice is "safe ice" and to be careful.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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