Musical Cockatiel Sings "September" By Earth Wind & Fire

Musical Cockatiel Sings "September" By Earth Wind & Fire

Everyone who has a pet probably realizes they're something special. Like people, animals are so unique and they each bring something new to the table.

Some pets even have hidden talents, like a musical cockatiel that's taking the Internet by storm.

The one-year-old cockatiel named Leo Valdez is making a splash on social media thanks to his fabulous whistling and singing abilities.

The bird can sing a number of songs including the famous theme song from The Addams Family, "The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key, and "Jingle Bells" by James Pierpont among others.

In an adorable viral video shared on, you can even hear Leo Valdez singing "September" by Earth Wind & Fire.

The video was captured, "Leo dancin' into September!," and it's easy to see why it's so popular. Leo really gets into the rhythm and puts on a show when he sings!

His family has been posting videos of him on social media and he's quickly become a fan-favorite.

You can check out the performance for yourself in the video below:

You can hear more of Leo singing in the videos below:

@leovaldezthecockatiel A little Jingle Bells to start out your December 1st morning! #leovaldez #leovaldezthecockatiel #jinglebells #cockatiel #birds #parrot #whistling #birdwhistle #holidays #christmas #talkingbird #pets #cute #cutepets #animals #leo #bird #flyingbird ♬ original sound - Leo Valdez the Cockatiel

@leovaldezthecockatiel ♬ original sound - Leo Valdez the Cockatiel

If you'd like to see more of Leo Valdez and hear more of his music, you can follow him on Instagram, @leovaldez_the_cockatiel, or check out his TikTok, @leovaldezthecockatiel.

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