Faithful Dog Alerts Parents To Abusive Babysitter

Faithful Dog Alerts Parents To Abusive Babysitter

We all love dogs for different reasons. Some of us love dogs because they are a part of the family, and others because they care for us in remarkable ways.

Sometimes, the special care that a dog provides is seen beautifully. That was the case with Killian, a dog that acted on behalf of his family in an extraordinary way.

When a Charleston, South Carolina family was looking for a babysitter, they did everything they could to choose the right person. Finn Jordon was only seven months old, and his parents, Benjamin and Hope, interviewed several people before settling on the one that seemed suitable for everyone.

According to a video shared by the Mental Health Network, the babysitter they selected was Alexis Kahn, a 22-year-old who seemed to meet all of the criteria. They looked at her background and felt they were leaving Finn in good hands.

At first, everything seemed fine, and Alexis appeared to be doing an excellent job with the little child. Five months later, however, the parents began to get suspicious because of something that was happening.

The family had a German Shepherd/black lab mix named Killian. For the most part, the dog remains calm, but suddenly, it was acting out when Alexis was nearby.

According to ABC News, Benjamin said: "We noticed the dog was getting very defensive when Alexis was around. He would growl and stand between her and our son. His hair would stand up on the back of his neck and we knew something was up."

They began to wonder if the babysitter was doing something when they were not home. To find out, they left an iPhone under the couch and heard something shocking.

Alexis was cursing and shouting at the baby as Finn was crying. The babysitter didn't hold back, and they heard the child being slapped.

The first thing the parents did was check on their child's physical condition. He was safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, they couldn't press charges due to the recording alone, but they did get a confession after the police interrogated Alexis. After pleading guilty in court, Alexis was sentenced to three years in prison and put on the list so she could never work in childcare again.

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