9 Dog Breeds With Terrible Work Ethics

9 Dog Breeds With Terrible Work Ethics

Dogs in general are thought to have good work ethics, especially service dogs.

National Work Like A Dog Day is celebrated every year on August 5th to honor those people who go above and beyond and must be inspired by border collies and golden retrievers.

But some dogs are just plain lazy.

In observance of this holiday, we thought we would share some dog breeds that are the opposite of "good workers".

These low-maintenance dogs would prefer a nap over chasing a ball but will entertain you with their adorable antics.

See if your dog's breed made the list...

Basset Hound

The low-key hound with long velvety ears is an independent thinker who prefers to follow its nose over commands. People adore Bassets even though they are stubborn and can be challenging to train.

Saint Bernard

The large dog is not a fan of exercising and needs lots of motivation. Saints are known to be heavy droolers but that is easily overlooked thanks to their larger-than-life personalities.


This dog was bred as a watchdog and that is exactly what they do...watch but don't move. They prefer to spend the day resting at their owner's feet.


Often referred to as a "clown", these silly dogs will have you smiling all day long. They are not fans of exercise and would rather entertain anyone who will give them attention.

Great Dane

These gentle giants are expert nappers and observers. Even though they are large dogs, they do not require or desire a lot of exercise.

Shih Tzu

This lap dog wants nothing more than to be scratched behind the ears between naps. The Shih Tzu is affectionate and knows how to charm its way into getting what it wants.

English Bulldog

The wrinkly and stocky English bulldog is the definition of lazy and can often be found snoring on the couch.


The only time these adorable lap dogs get up is to go to the bathroom. They spend the rest of the day napping and being pampered by their humans.


The only way to get these giant dogs to exercise is with a treat. The life-sized teddy bears prefer napping to playing fetch.

Even though lazy dogs are content chilling at home, they all need daily exercise for mental and physical health. Share a photo of your dog in the comments and let us know if Fido is a go-getter or more of a nap all day kind of dog.

Dogs inspire us in so many ways. Some teach us to slow down, while others push us to work harder. Check out the workaholics of the dog world here.

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