Chicago Pizza Parlor to Include Flyers of Adoptable Dogs with Pie Deliveries

Chicago Pizza Parlor to Include Flyers of Adoptable Dogs with Pie Deliveries

PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago Pet Adoption is partnering with Piece Brewery & Pizzeria for their "Slice to Meet You" campaign. While this may not mean much to you, it could mean the world to an animal fortunate enough to find a forever home due to the promotion. Why would it? Because Piece Pizza has gladly agreed to include flyers featuring adoptable dogs with each of their food deliveries in the hope that it will boost adoptions, according to a PAWS news release.

Chicago-Style Pizza

Each PAWS flyer will include information on an available dog the public can adopt through PAWS. They will feature photos, brief descriptions of the canines, and a QR code that will take interested parties to the doggo's biography on the PAWS website. According to Sarah McDonald, associate director of media and community relations for PAWS, the Slice To Meet You campaign has no scheduled end date as of yet.

"Most of our pets find homes easily, but there are always a few that need just the right person or household," PAWS Chicago CEO Susanna Wickham noted in a statement. "We know there's a special home for every pet out there, and we are excited to increase the odds that our long-term pups will find homes by partnering with Piece to find these very special people. For each dog, it only takes one."

Slice to Meet You

Proceeds from limited-edition specialty pizzas made in collaboration with Piece Pizza and other Chicago-area restaurants will go to help support PAWS and the important work they perform. In the case of Piece, the pizzeria will donate $5 to PAWS from each specialty pizza sold through March 31, 2023. For more info on other eateries involved in the PAWS collaboration, refer to their website.

Information about the pets that will hopefully benefit from the Slice To Meet You campaign is on the PAWS website. We've also included the links to each animal in our photo credits here.

Teaming Up for Pets

A stellar idea for bringing awareness to rescue pets, the Piece/PAWS partnership follows suit with a similar campaign in New York. Just Pizza & Wing Co. in Amherst started attaching flyers of adoptable shelter dogs to its pizza delivery boxes for the same reason — helping shelter dogs find their forever homes. Franchise owner, Mary Alloy, was inspired by her charity work with the Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals SPCA. While volunteering there, she got to know the event coordinator, Kimberly LaRussa. The rest, as they say, is history.

Raising Awareness for Shelter Pets

If you have viable ideas for raising awareness for shelter pets, contact your local rescue or shelter and share them today. You never know when something is going to pan out besides pizza. In the meantime, check out the YouTube video of one of the adorable PAWS dogs below.

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