Dog Rescued From Meat Trade Gets Surgery On Her Nose And Finds A Forever Home

Dog Rescued From Meat Trade Gets Surgery On Her Nose And Finds A Forever Home

Angel is a Belgian shepherd who has survived a very difficult life. She started off as part of China's dog meat trade before she was rescued from her horrific conditions by Rushton Dog Rescue back in 2015.

According to LADBible, Angel eventually made her way to the UK where she found her forever home with Hollie Cornes - a 25-year-old military dog handler.

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However, as much as she overcame, she still bore the scars of her past with a disfigured face. The scar had left Angel with a breathing impediment as it made breathing difficult for the pooch.

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As a result, she had to undergo facial surgery prior to being adopted. But that didn't seem to do much to improve her breathing, so she had to get a CT in order to figure out what was going on.

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Of course, undergoing such a procedure wasn't going to be cheap, so Hollie posted the following plea on Angel's Instagram. And someone came through for the pup.

As Hollie stated to LADBible, "We were told her initial CT scan would be £2,500 and one lady on Instagram sent the money straight away - which was incredible."

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After receiving her CT, it was found that Angel's nose had grown scar tissue which completely sealed over her nose, leaving a small 2mm hole through which she was breathing. But that meant that she had to go through surgery again in order to help her breathe. Hollie said her decision was a "no brainer," as she just wanted the best for her pooch.

But again, the operation wasn't going to be cheap, so she turned to Angel's Instagram followers for help.

Thanks to the 31K followers, Angel and Hollie were able to raise over $6,000 on Angel's GoFundMe page in a short span of a few days.

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Hollie said, "Without the fundraising and her support system it wouldn't have been an option -— in total it added up to cost about £7,500 — which we never would have been able to afford."

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