Parasite-Riddled Stray Dog Needs Your Help To Recover From Malnutrition

Parasite-Riddled Stray Dog Needs Your Help To Recover From Malnutrition

According to FOUR PAWS International, Romania has hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs roaming the streets. "Stray animal populations are a huge animal welfare issue in Europe, and Romania, the second poorest country in the European Union, has one of the largest stray animal populations on the continent, with a rough estimate of up to 500,000 dogs and likely even more stray cats living in this country."

Many are in need of medical care and nutritious food, like Hienna.

The 2-year-old Kangal (traditional livestock guard dog originating in Turkey) shepherd mix was abandoned at a vet clinic suffering from babesiosis, an internal parasite contracted from ticks that infects red blood cells.

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She was malnourished and severely underweight and in need of extensive medical care. Her body was starved of vital nutrients and calcium for so long it made her frail and unable to stand or move when she first arrived. However, she is a fighter and there remained a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

She wasn't giving up and neither were her rescuers.

They reached out to Greater Good Charities' Emergency Animal Medical fund for help with her ongoing medical bills. The fund provides grants to animal rescues and shelters to cover medical expenses, so animals get the second chance they deserve.

The fund is able to save countless lives thanks to your generous donations.


Pets receiving critical care facilitated by an Emergency Animal Medical grant may not be eligible for adoption until they have completed their course of treatment. If you would like to inquire about adoption of a specific animal, we strongly encourage you to visit the shelter’s specific website first as that is often the most up to date place to learn about available pets and review the adoption policies and process. Check out the shelter’s website to see all adoptable pets.

 width= Photo: SACHE

Hienna has a long road of recovery ahead but is already starting to improve with treatment. Help us raise $5,000 to help Hienna get the intensive treatment she needs to recover from her condition. Your gift will not only give her the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover her ongoing care.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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