Shelter Dog with Severe Kidney Infection Needs Your Help to Heal

Shelter Dog with Severe Kidney Infection Needs Your Help to Heal

Meet Jinx.

The two-year-old terrier mix was found as a stray and brought to a local shelter in Arizona. Due to overcrowding at the shelter and a decrease in adopters, she was at risk of euthanasia.

Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary (CTSS) took her in to give her the second chance she deserves. She went to live with a foster family who had to rush her to the emergency animal hospital just 10 days later.

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The rescue shared with us, "Her kidney numbers were off the charts and the vet staff were uncertain initially what had caused this. She eventually was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection. After being on fluids and IV antibiotics her kidney numbers started dropping dramatically."

She remains under the supervision of a vet as she recovers. Her medical bills are quickly adding up, so CTSS reached out to Greater Good Charities' Emergency Animal Medical fund for support. The fund was created for situations like this and to give shelter pets the second chance they deserve.

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With your support, we can continue to save lives.


Jinx is expected to make a full recovery and once she is medically cleared by the vet, she will be available for adoption. She is slowly starting to return to her "spunky self" and will be a great companion to one lucky family.

Her caretakers, also referred to as her "rescue aunties", shared that Jinx loves walks and being around people and other dogs. Her sweet and gentle demeanor has won the heart of everyone she has met, including the medical team at the emergency clinic.

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Pets receiving critical care facilitated by an Emergency Animal Medical grant may not be eligible for adoption until they have completed their course of treatment. If you would like to inquire about adoption of a specific animal, we strongly encourage you to visit the shelter’s specific website first as that is often the most up to date place to learn about available pets and review the adoption policies and process. Check out the shelter’s website to see all adoptable pets.

Help us meet our goal of $6,000 for Jinx. Your gift will not only give her the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover her ongoing care.

CTTS started by rescuing senior or ill dogs from shelters who were at risk of euthanasia. They now help young and old dogs as well as a cat or two. They are determined to care for each pet until they find a loving home or provide hospice care. Since 2017, they have rescued over 1,500 animals. Learn more about this amazing organization by visiting their website.

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