Ukrainian Dog Injured By Missile Strike Needs Your Support To Walk Again

Ukrainian Dog Injured By Missile Strike Needs Your Support To Walk Again

As the war continues in Ukraine, animals continue to be caught in the crossfire. Thankfully, there are brave and kindhearted people on the ground who go out of their way to care for abandoned and injured animals.

Meet Zubik.

He was found chained outside in a private yard in Kharkiv near the frontlines. When the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine found him, he had a severe injury to his front leg from a missile strike.

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They freed him and then fed and cared for him until rescuers from Home of Rescued Animals, also known as the Domivka Shelter, arrived. They took the sweet boy back to Lviv to be examined by a veterinarian.

Zubik's leg was too damaged to save, and the only option was to amputate. He will now need to learn how to be a tripod dog and has a long road of recovery ahead.

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The shelter is doing their best to care for all animals in need but can't do it alone. With your support, Greater Good Charities' Emergency Animal Medical fund is providing grants to help cover the medical costs and ongoing care for Zubik and other animals like him.


Help us raise funds to cover his medical bills and rehabilitation costs. He has been through so much already and deserves a second chance at happiness.

 width= Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

The shelter faces another issue as they head into winter - keeping the animals warm. They are in desperate need of heaters to keep the animals safe as frigid weather moves in. They are also in need of veterinary equipment to care for the current animal resident and the new ones that arrive in need of medical attention.

It takes a village...

Join us in lending a helping hand to the innocent animals and the dedicated people working to save their lives.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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