Increased Missile Attacks on Ukraine Lead to Emergency Evacuation of Homeless Pets Near Frontlines

Increased Missile Attacks on Ukraine Lead to Emergency Evacuation of Homeless Pets Near Frontlines

Missiles rained down on Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, early Thursday morning in one of the largest Russian attacks in weeks. Buildings were destroyed and lives were lost.

"The enemy launched a massive, combined attack using drones and missiles," Serhii Popko, head of the KMVA (Kyiv City Military Administration) posted on Telegram.

These deadly attacks continue as the frontline moves towards the Kherson and Sumy regions of Ukraine. Homeless and abandoned pets are once again caught in the crossfire.

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As people flee the bombing raids, innocent pets are left behind. Brave volunteers are entering the dangerous areas to sift through the rubble to rescue abandoned dogs and cats and bring them to safety at Patron Pet Center. The animals arrive terrified and in need of a quiet place to rest.

Watch this heart-wrenching video of these brave heroes at work!

In a matter of days, 19 cats, including whole families with kittens, 2 dogs, and another 4 animals in need of treatment have arrived at the center. Later this week, the evacuation will continue and another 20 cats from Ocheretiny will come to our center.


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Pets continue to arrive daily brought in by military members or families who decide to stay in targeted areas but don't want their pets to be in harm's way.

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GreaterGood's CEO, Tim Kunin, is currently at the center meeting some of the rescued pets and providing warm blankets and much-needed pet food.

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Patron Pet Center opened just eight months ago but has already saved hundreds of lives and found homes for over 800 animals. They go above and beyond for all the animals in their care to ensure they are happy and healthy.

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The director of the center, Irina Podvoiska, shared with us, "We created all of this for homeless animals who once found themselves on the street and suffer from war. Let's help them together."

Join us in lending a helping hand by donating towards the medical care and support of the evacuated pets.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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