Wild Baby Deer Caught Getting Affectionate With This Family’s Black Cat In This Video

Wild Baby Deer Caught Getting Affectionate With This Family’s Black Cat In This Video

Deer are usually prey for felines in the wild. Ferocious big cats and deer don’t really get along.

But it’s a completely different story if the feline is tiny and domesticated and the deer is just a baby. Like in our story about Buttons the deer and RabbitCat, the unlikely duo that developed a lifelong friendship.

Who could resist that face though? Even pet cats that are notorious for being extremely sassy creatures can turn soft and gentle when faced with a fawn’s adorable face.

In a viral TikTok video, you can see these two creatures get friendly near a wooden deck.

I emphasized the closeness of the wooden deck because it means that the fawn is comfortable going close to the cat’s home and therefore getting close to humans. Deer are flighty creatures, and they typically stay away from humans.

It’s either the fawn is fearless or it just adores its cat friend too much to be wary of the nearby human.

 width= PHOTO: TikTok/taylorhoff08

But the cat clearly reciprocates the affection. The cat even curls its tail around the fawn! It’s believed that a cat does this to show affection, relaxation, and love. If that isn’t enough of a sign of the cat’s love, the black cat even goes around to face the fawn and rubs its face against the fawn’s.

With over 1M views and over 220k likes, the video is captioned with, “New Disney movie: the cat and the deer.”

The hashtags following the caption show that the names Lewis the deer and Walter the cat have been bestowed upon the pair.

Watch Lewis and Walter bonding in the video below!

Looking at some of Taylor’s other videos, it seems like Lewis had been abandoned by his mother and was found dehydrated. Taylor decided to take care of him instead, but for those who are concerned about the little fawn, don’t worry! Taylor has experience with taking care of deer, among other animals, so I think it’s safe to say that he’s in good hands.


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