Artist Hides Giant Trolls Throughout Western Australia

Artist Hides Giant Trolls Throughout Western Australia

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? It is a fantastic pastime and something that can be both enjoyable and educational.

There are also times when scavenger hunts can take place in the most unexpected areas. That is what is happening in western Australia, thanks to an artist named Thomas Dambo.

You can actually find his work in many different areas of the world but recently, it was found in the Land Down Under. It comes in the form of giant trolls that were created using branches, recycled wood, and other items that were laying about.

These trolls aren't in a museum but rather, they are found in the forest and along the shoreline and anybody can find them. After they are discovered, it is really something that can be checked off on a personal bucket list.

These giant trolls that are found in the Peel region of Western Australia are part of his Giants of Mandurah collection. The location of the trolls is a secret but visitors can play along with this game to find them in nature. There are six trolls in all.

Some of the trolls are sitting quietly and looking out over the water. Others are found in the forest and are hanging onto a tree.

Although the trolls are different from each other, they all have a distinctive look that is created by Dambo. There is also a special symbol associated with the troll that helps with the game. After the symbols are collected, the code can be broken, and then they can find the secret troll that is hidden even better.

According to The Guardian, Dambo explained: "I think it’s really important that the next generation is connected to nature." He went on to say that people need to care about the natural world and isolating humans in the city is not going to help. That is why he made the Giants and turned it into a game, so younger people could enjoy the world around them.

Unfortunately, a fire claimed one of the Giants of Mandurah. It's a shame because it does take hundreds of hours for these trolls to be created. Each one is a masterpiece made by Dambo and other volunteers, so it's a shame to lose even one.

If you're interested in going on this scavenger hunt, you can find the trolls out in the wild until November 2023. You can learn more about them on Dambo's Instagram page or by checking out the video below:

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