People & Pets Need Our Help As Hurricane Beryl Leaves Path of Destruction Across Caribbean and Houston

People & Pets Need Our Help As Hurricane Beryl Leaves Path of Destruction Across Caribbean and Houston

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Hurricane Beryl hit the Caribbean as a Category 4 hurricane and weakened to a Category 1 before making landfall in Texas. The powerful storm has claimed the lives of at least seven people and numerous animals.

The high winds - over 100 mph - combined with torrential downpours and massive flooding have destroyed homes, knocked down trees and power lines, and wreaked havoc on vital food sources. Millions are still without power in scorching temperatures.  

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People and pets need our help now. 

Hurricane Beryl destroyed over $6.4 million in food crops and infrastructure, Jamaica’s agriculture minister, Floyd Green, told the Associated Press on Monday. Food shortage is a major concern as the storm destroyed vital vegetable crops, fruit, and took a toll on livestock and fishing industries.

Green has been posting updates on X (formerly Twitter) as he visits all the impacted areas with tremendous damage. He states, "We will rebuild. We will rebuild stronger."



Hurricane Beryl made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas early Monday morning bringing heavy downpours, wind gusts over 90 mph, and deadly storm surge. Over 2 million people are without power as heat advisories are issued by the National Weather Service station in Houston. 

Houston Humane Society urged people prior to the Beryl landfall to prepare an emergency kit for themselves and their pets. The shelter lost power but thanks to a backup generator is up and running. Volunteers have stepped up to help care for the animals as the damage to the shelter is assessed. 

How You Can Help

Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response team is on the ground and collaborating with local partners to provide essential supplies, pet food, and other resources to people and pets in need. Please help those affected by Hurricane Beryl by donating today. 

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