Over 60 Homeless Dogs & Cats Will Board Flight To Freedom For New Beginning In Wisconsin

Over 60 Homeless Dogs & Cats Will Board Flight To Freedom For New Beginning In Wisconsin

With your support, we plan to make 2024 the best year yet for pets, people, and the planet. We are starting by sponsoring a Good Flight (called Flight to Freedom) that will carry 58 dogs and 14 cats out of overcrowded shelters in Louisiana and Alabama and fly them to open kennels in Wisconsin.

Animal shelters are struggling with increased intakes of pets and a decrease of adopters. Dogs and cats arrive daily, and the shelters are already at capacity. Greater Good Charities' Good Flights swoops in and rescues shelter pets and gives them the second chance they deserve.

It is a new year and time for new beginnings. Meet some of the pet passengers on this month's flight that are ready for a fresh start in Wisconsin.

Meet Chevy-Man

 width= Photo: JPAWS

The young pup was found injured and brought to Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services in October of 2023. The shelter believes he was hit by a car due to his injuries and broken hind leg.

His leg was broken at the knee, and he had pelvic fractures as well. The best option for the growing pup was to amputate the leg. Chevy-Man is doing well as a tripod.

His caretakers shared, "Only having 3 legs does not stop him though, he is so clumsy and gets so excited. He loves treats and loves being outside. We are so excited for him to take a flight to his new future to start off 2024!"

Meet Tom

 width= Photo: JPAWS

The six-year-old stray feline arrived at Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services with a painful eye condition. The shelter told us, "Tom has a condition called Entropion that affects his eyelids, they flip the wrong direction, and that can cause damage to his eyes. Thankfully this is fixable through surgery and not only will he get to take a flight on the 16th but the partner will be able to help this boy out getting the care he needs!"

Tom is sweet and loves attention, especially being rubbed under his neck. He will get a chance to find a loving family in Wisconsin.

Meet Rouge

 width= Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

Rouge got her name because she was found abandoned on a road that runs along the Mississippi River through Baton Rouge. She arrived at Iberville Parish Animal Shelter alone and afraid.

"Rouge is red, and in French, Baton Rouge means Red Stick. We hope the French spirit that is so ingrained in Baton Rouge will help us wish all the best for Rouge on her brighter future," stated the shelter.


Meet Thicker Snicker

 width= Photo: JPAWS

Thicker Snicker is a chunky fella who has a huge heart and is described as a "total love bug". His middle name would be lazy as he enjoys lounging all day.

Jefferson Protection & Animal Welfare Services shared, "He is super sweet and wants all the neck scratches you are willing to provide. We are thrilled he gets to be a part of the next flight out of Louisiana to Wisconsin, and we know he will be in his furever home soon!"

Meet Honey Baby

 width= Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

He will melt your heart as he has done to the staff and volunteers at Iberville Parish Animal Shelter. They shared his story with us, and we cannot wait for him to find his person.

"Honey Baby....just the thought of him finally leaving is so special. We are so very, very grateful that this sweet good dog is being saved. Honey Baby was picked up as a "stray" and never claimed. He was found in an area where the backyard breeding of pit bulls is rampant. The animal control officer pulled up and Honey Baby walked over to the officer with an almost friendly grin. Honey is cross eyed, and kinda smiles. When Honey came to the shelter, we were all like, great, another pit bull. I immediately gave him his strange, friendly name. He was the color of honey and sometimes, an unwanted unloved non desirable breed deserves a name that only a designer dog would normally get. Honey has been a joy in our care. He is funny, very crosseyed and loves toys. He has met a lot of potential adopters but none have stuck. Honey Baby is our longest running resident at our shelter and it will be one of the celebratory days that we all work for when he goes out on transport."

Meet Maisha

 width= Photo: Cara's House

The 1.5-year-old cat has spent nearly all of her life in a shelter. She has been patiently waiting for someone to pick her. Cara’s House told us, "We are so excited that she has finally gotten to punch her ticket out of here on the next flight. We know she will get to find the best home in Wisconsin!"

Meet Bell

 width= Photo: Save A Pet Rescue

This sweet 2-year-old shepherd mix is such a good girl and just wants to find someone to love. Staff and volunteers are baffled that she hasn't found a home and are thrilled that she will get a second chance on this month's Flight to Freedom.

Help us fly these pets and dozens more to freedom! Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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