Labrador Rescued After Being Swept Out To Sea While Fetching A Ball

Labrador Rescued After Being Swept Out To Sea While Fetching A Ball

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) saves the lives of people and pets at sea by performing search and rescue missions off the coasts of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The charity recently received a call for help about a dog swept out to sea.

A Labrador retriever named Shaddah was playing a game of fetch with his family when his ball fell in the water. Instead of waiting for his human to fetch it, he dove into the water and the strong current pulled him out to sea.

His concerned owner phoned for help.

RNLI rescue team arrived and managed to lift Shaddah into the lifeboat. They comforted him and rushed him back to shore to reunite him with his family that was waiting.

The grateful dog leaped off the boat and watched as his rescuers waved goodbye.

Thankfully, no one was harmed thanks to the quick actions of the heroes at RNLI. They claim that they traded their "capes for yellow wellies".

The rescue video was shared on their TikTok page and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. They praised the brave men and women for their lifesaving work. One wrote, "OMG. Thank you. As a dog owner we know our pups have their own mind sometimes. You are heroes."

Another commented, "Thank you. Another amazing rescue. You lot are angels walking this earth."

The heroes replied by saying, "We made a friend that day." They will always be on call to help people and pets when needed.

While it would be hard not to go in after your dog, it is best to leave it to professionals who are trained in water rescues. Otherwise, you could also end up in danger and in need of rescuing.

RNLI states, "If your dog ever gets into trouble, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard. Don't put yourself at risk by going into the water after them."

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