Maine Sheriff's Office Saves Senior Dog Nearly Frozen To Death And Reunites Her With Owner

Maine Sheriff's Office Saves Senior Dog Nearly Frozen To Death And Reunites Her With Owner

A senior dog was let outside by her elderly owner on the night of February 24th to go to the bathroom, but never returned. The concerned owner waited up all night hoping her beloved dog would come home.

Early in the morning of February 25th, Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Office received a call about a dog lying in the road and immediately responded. The temperature was in the single digits when Deputy Mark Anderson spotted the female dog in the ditch which appeared "almost frozen to death".

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The department posted, "There were claw marks where she had attempted to climb out of the ditch before her paw got too cold. She was holding her paw up and whimpering heavily when Deputy Anderson approached her."

He carried the senior pup back to his vehicle and brought her to the dispatch center in Bath to slowly warm her up. It was a team effort to care for the sweet girl while Deputy Anderson went door to door looking for her owner.

"The on-duty dispatchers immediately provided care. She was bundled up in blankets and a portable heater was used to help warm her up. They fixed her a plate of food and once she warmed up and stopped shivering, she ate the plate clean."

With lost dog flyers in hand, Deputy Anderson returned to the area where he found the dog and quickly found her owner. The elderly woman was so relieved to hear they had found her dog and told the officer that the dog was 14 years old. The two were finally reunited.

People took to the comments to praise and thank all involved in saving the senior dog. All were relieved the story had a happy ending.

One person suggested, "Thank you so much for taking the time to help this dog. Can anyone put up a tie out for the elderly lady to contain the dog. As dogs age they sometimes become confused and wander off. Thank you so much!"

The department also took the time to recognize the amazing work of Communications Specialist Shaun and Dori and Deputy Anderson and wrote, "The efforts of these three Sagadahoc County employees, without a doubt, saved the life of this precious pet. Kudos to you!"

Andrea Powell

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