Now There’s "Mouser" Food with Real Mouse Meat for Cats

Now There’s "Mouser" Food with Real Mouse Meat for Cats

Finicky cats! They are the inspiration behind Mouser Food!

Mouser Food is made with real mouse meat and will surely tempt even the most discriminating of feline tastebuds.

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Mouser Food is also available in four flavors: Field Hunter with chicken as a primary ingredient; Forest Hunter with turkey; Pond Hunter with duck; and Brush Hunter with rabbit. Yes, pet owners will realize that even if mouse meat is very appealing to cats, their appetite may still be influenced by a variety of flavors.

The Story of Finicky Cats and Mouser Food from Carmel Bay

Tom Radcliffe is the ingenious and persevering entrepreneur who started Mouser Food. He used to own three pet stores in Carmel Bay, where he would often hear customers complain about their cats' finicky attitude toward food.

He would quietly think, ‘Why don’t they make cat food out of mice?’

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That idea germinated in his mind into what seemed a peculiar and lofty ambition. Soon after selling his stores, Tom started to invent recipes with mouse meat, which he tested on his cat, Gus, and his friends' cats. He also contacted animal nutritionists and other experts to help him fulfill his dream.

There were a lot of challenges, from choosing suppliers of mouse meat from specialty producers who breed rodents for snakes and owls to ensuring a hygienic canning process. Radcliffe also admitted that mouse meat is actually ten times more expensive than poultry and rabbit.

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Then, of course, there is the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have turned to adopting pets during the many months of lockdown, but marketing has been quite hard since Tom's type of product is new.

Nutrition experts have been a big help to Tom in perfecting his recipes, and his Mouser Food products are already for sale in pet and feed shops in California, Nevada, and Arizona just a month after its launch. What is more, he may soon be able to expand in three more states.

Are Cats Really Falling for the Unique Meat and Flavors of Mouser Food?

Owner Damian Delezene at Aptos Feed & Pet Supply just south of Santa Cruz stated that the new cat food is becoming a hit among his customers. “The palatability factor is huge. They’re saying the cats like it.”

Store manager Erin Leet at Pets and More in Campbell said their customers' reaction was that of surprise along with keen interest.

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At the moment, Tom's Mouser Food has no competition. But, soon, his business may have a rival in Frankenmouse and the new business start-up Harmless Hunt Mouse Cookies for Cats.

But Tom is focused on improving his supply chain, strongly believing that his Mouser Food business will boom once the pandemic is over. “It’s an interesting niche that’s raring to go. It’s like there’s somebody holding the tiger’s tail — or the mouse’s tail.”

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