Shelter Dogs Say Goodbye To Staff After Being Adopted In Touching Video

Shelter Dogs Say Goodbye To Staff After Being Adopted In Touching Video

It is the day all shelter dogs patiently wait for - adoption day. The dogs can barely contain their excitement and their tails never stop wagging as they leave their kennel for the last time to meet their new family. As they leave to start their new lives, they make sure to thank the people who loved and cared for them at the shelter.

"Goodbyes are so bittersweet," captioned a compilation video posted by TikTok user @wellbehaved1 of shelter dogs at The Hoke County Animal Shelter saying goodbye to staff.

The viral video shows several dogs reaching out with their paws in gratitude and jumping up on the front desk for one last pat on the head.

"It's a great feeling when they come to say goodbye to us," @wellbehaved1 wrote.

The shelter asked viewers to comment on which was their favorite goodbye, but viewers loved them all. An adorable Rottweiler gave kisses during her goodbye and an exuberant pit bull paused for just a moment to say farewell.

There were many happy tears shed by both staff and viewers. @viadxd commented, "All of them are my favorite the smiles they gave knowing they got their happy ending is what matters the most."

@LorynLuvs2write added, "This should honestly be a commercial for saving lives at shelters! So happy for all of them. Happy lives sweet fur-babies".

Check out all the adoptable animals at The Hoke County Animal Shelter waiting for a loving home.

Be sure to follow @wellbehaved1 to meet more shelter pets and hopefully see many more goodbye videos.

Grab a tissue and watch the video below that have been viewed over 10 million times. Don't forget to share!

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