Ohio Dog Warden Looking For Cruel Person Who Shot Stray Dog With Shotgun

Ohio Dog Warden Looking For Cruel Person Who Shot Stray Dog With Shotgun

A resident in Geauga County, Ohio, spotted a stray dog in her neighborhood for a couple of weeks, but every time she tried to get near the dog would run off.

Then she saw the dog again on Saturday covered in blood and rushed over to help him. She contacted the Geauga County Dog Warden, Matt Granito, who took the dog to a local vet.

The sweet pup was examined, and an X-ray confirmed that the dog had been shot with a shotgun resulting in roughly 70 pellets lodged in his body.

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"It's shot in the back end, so whoever shot it, obviously the dog wasn't coming towards him or feeling a threat," Granito told 3WKYC News. "So, this is why we're worried about why this dog was shot — was it doing something wrong or was it just someone who maliciously tried to hurt this dog?"

He went on to say, "It's just such a sweet dog. I couldn't believe that someone would have to shoot the dog because it had any aggressive tendencies or anything."

The dog has been named Skittles and is currently recovering at a foster home. Despite all the pain he has endured, he continues to wag his tail and enjoys being around humans.

The vet advised leaving the pellets alone as there are too many and removing them could cause even more damage. He is expected to make a full recovery and live with the pellets inside, but there is still a serious risk of lead poisoning as a several have pierced his lungs.

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He is being closely monitored, and once the vet signs off that he has regained his full strength, he will be put up for adoption.

The search is on for the cruel person responsible who could face felony charges. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Geauga County Dog Warden at (440) 279-2181.

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