9 Reasons To Adopt A Cat

9 Reasons To Adopt A Cat

International Rescue Cat Day is celebrated every year on March 2nd to raise awareness about the thousands of homeless cats and to encourage people to adopt.

We thought we would celebrate by sharing 9 reasons (although there are dozens more) why you should adopt a cat. They ask for so little and enhance our lives in so many ways.

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Endless Entertainment

You will find yourself watching less television because you will be busy watching your new feline play and run around the house. Sneak attacks and watching them make biscuits are just a few of the things you can look forward to.

Stress Relievers

Cats are good for your heart. Simply petting a cat for 10 minutes after a hard day can relieve stress and lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Improve Mental Health

Cats also can reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness. They improve our mood by increasing serotonin and decreasing cortisol. Their antics are sure to bring a smile to your face even on your worst day.

Low Maintenance

They don't require daily walks and make great pets for people who live in apartments. Plus, they groom themselves which means no baths!

Friend for Life

You will always have a loving companion to watch movies with and chat about your day.

Healing Purrs

Purring releases endorphins and benefits both the cat and its humans. Scientists have examined how a cat's purr can help with healing and improve bone density due to the frequency of the purr which falls between 25 and 140 Hz.

Deter Pests

Cats will instinctively hunt anything that moves fast, including bugs and mice. They will keep your home (or barn) free of these pests.


 width= Photo: Pixabay

While most cats love to cuddle, they are also content being alone and left alone. They make great pets for busy families.

Save Lives

When you adopt a cat, you will be saving two lives - the one you adopt and the one that can be taken in the open kennel.

Ready to adopt? Head to your local shelter and meet all the adorable felines waiting for a forever home. Be sure to check out the adult and senior cats, too. Over 3 million cats enter animal shelters every year, so please adopt don't shop!

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