Dog with Three Legs Loves on All Who Meet Him

Dog with Three Legs Loves on All Who Meet Him

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We weren’t looking for a second dog. My husband and I had lost our first dog to a kidney complication last summer, and we had our hands full with our young dog named Rue. If we were going to get a second dog, we had some rules. We wanted a girl. We wanted her to be smaller than Rue. We wanted to adopt an older dog. Then we saw him.

PetSmart was having an adoption event with a rescue group. The second we walked in the door, we were pulled towards this happy and HUGE dog that his foster mom had adorably named Tripp. He had just had surgery to remove his right front leg and was wearing a red wrap to keep his incision clean. He was giving out kisses left and right, and his tail never stopped wagging.

He was picked up by the shelter as a stray, and they assume he was hit by a car. He was put on a kill list because he was "damaged" and wasn’t given the medical attention he needed. When the rescue pulled him, his leg was mangled and useless and they had to amputate it.

The second we got home, we emailed the rescue group to start the adoption process. After a home visit where he met Rue and got a feel for our house, we were approved!

Tripp is the opposite of everything we thought we wanted - he’s male, he’s huge, and he’s 2-years-young - and that’s exactly why we love him!

Those first few days were amazing and challenging. We had to change his dressing from his surgery and had no idea what we were doing. He was so patient with us as we figured it out. He never stopped smiling and giving kisses, even while we were fumbling with the wrap. He is so patient and kind, no matter the situation.


Adding Tripp to our family was the best decision we have made, and I’m excited to learn and grow with him as he adjusts to life as a tripod.

Story submitted by Alli from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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