Minnesota Rescue Receives Much-Needed Supplies To Spoil Homeless Dogs & Cats, Thanks To You

Minnesota Rescue Receives Much-Needed Supplies To Spoil Homeless Dogs & Cats, Thanks To You

Secondhand Hounds (now called The Bond Between) in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a foster-based rescue organization that takes in roughly 65 homeless pets every week. They provide fosters with everything they will need to care for the pet until they find a forever home, which quickly adds up.

These items include food, treats, toys, beds, and walking supplies for dogs. Thanks to your generous support, Greater Good Charities' GOODS program was able to provide the rescue with much-needed martingales, collars, slip leads, leashes, and engaging cat toys.

All of the items are being put to good use and the shelter shared with us how they are enhancing the lives of homeless pets. "Receiving the martingale collars, slip leads, and leashes was met with tremendous excitement in our office. These donations play a vital role in keeping our animals safe and secure, reducing the risk of flight or loss. They are essential tools for our fosters to effectively care for our animals and set them up for success."

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The cat toys are also a big hit. The team said, "The toys received by Greater Goods for our cats help with enrichment and keep them from shutting down in what can be a stressful situation for them. These innocent animals are unaware of their situation and why they may have ended up there and it is our goal to have the animals feel safe and to be themselves. Our volunteers will come in daily to play with the cats. These toys have been a fan favorite!"

While dozens of animals have been impacted by the donations, Katie Hedin, Director of Development and volunteer, Morgan Stadheim, shared stories about how a cat named Unique and a dog named Abigail are benefiting from your generosity.


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Cats are curious by nature and most love to play with toys, like Unique. The adorable feline arrived at the rescue is waiting for a foster home. In the meantime, she is being spoiled by volunteers who play with her daily with the new toys.

According to Morgan, "Without hesitation, Unique delved into the array of toys generously donated by Greater Good, finding joy in every plaything. These donated toys, along with the dedicated efforts of our volunteers who visit daily to snuggle, play, and provide care, create a comforting environment for Unique and our other animals as they await their forever homes. The presence of these toys is more than just entertainment; it offers a sense of security and relaxation in what can often be a stressful and daunting situation. Watching Unique engage with his favorite toys brings smiles to our faces and reassures us that he is feeling content and at ease."


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Puppies are full of energy and learning to walk on a leash is a vital lesson all must learn. Abigail is a typical 8-month-old black lab puppy who loves to sniff and explore her surroundings. Keeping her safe and secure while she investigates all the interesting smells is a top priority and where the walking tools come into play.

Morgan explains, "Despite her petite stature, Abigail possesses surprising strength, a common trait among her breed. With Abigail's boundless curiosity and spirited nature, ensuring her safety is paramount. That's why we're incredibly grateful for the support of donors like Greater Good, whose generosity provides essential tools for Abigail's well-being. Among these tools are the sturdy collars provided by Greater Good, which offer an additional layer of security alongside her harness. Having not just one, but two forms of security significantly reduces the risk of Abigail slipping away and getting lost in the vast unknown. While her harness provides control and stability during walks, the collars act as a fail-safe measure, ensuring that Abigail remains safely tethered to her human companion. As Abigail frolics and explores, her two-fold safety measures give us peace of mind, knowing that she can enjoy her adventures without the worry of potential escapes. With every playful leap and joyful bark, Abigail embodies the spirit of youthful exuberance, her safety assured thanks to the thoughtful donations from caring supporters like Greater Good."

Animal rescues and shelters are seeing an influx in homeless pets and need all the help they can get. Please consider fostering, adopting, volunteering, or donating to your local shelter. It takes a village to rescue and care for homeless animals. Check out all the adoptable animals at The Bond Between here.

The rescue team and all the animals in their care appreciate your support. "To the donors who made this grant possible, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your compassion and support inspire us to continue our work each day, striving to make a positive impact in the lives of animals and the communities we serve. Your contributions are truly appreciated and make a world of difference. Thank you for believing in our mission and for standing by us as we strive to create a better world for animals in need!"

Help us spoil even more shelter pets by donating here to provide food and supplies.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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