Senior Boxer Giving Up Hope After 204 Days In Alabama Shelter Finally Finds His Person

Senior Boxer Giving Up Hope After 204 Days In Alabama Shelter Finally Finds His Person

It is said that "good things come to those who wait", and that was the case for sweet Bubba.

The senior boxer mix was the longest resident at Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter who had been waiting for over 204 days for someone to adopt him.

He is the definition of a good boy who loves to play with other dogs and meeting new people. During the shelter's Happy Hour program, where people can take shelter dogs on day trips, he was often picked and received rave reviews on his behavior.

So, why was he still at the shelter?! This is what staff, volunteers, and Bubba didn't understand. The goofy dog with a "heart full of spunk" started to lose hope of ever finding a home and it showed in his demeanor.

The shelter took to Facebook with a video of sweet Bubba to help him find his person as time was running out and wrote from Bubba's perspective, "They tell me time is running out for me, as the shelter is beyond its limits. I get the best happy hour report cards, have played well with other dogs while here, and have been on my best behavior so I don’t understand why I’m still waiting. I’ve stopped eating and am starting to give up hope. I know someone must want me because all the staff love me so."

The video showed Bubba patiently waiting at his kennel door for someone to come and adopt him. The following day Bubba's wish finally came true.

A photo of Bubba with his new mom was shared by the shelter in the comments and both look so happy. His tail wagged the entire time as he left the shelter for good.

Bubba is living the good life with his loving family and patiently waiting for his first Chewy box that contains his new bed.

Senior dogs are often overlooked due to their age, but they are young at heart and have so much love to give. Please consider adopting an older dog or cat and allow them to spend their golden years in a loving home.

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Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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