Senior Dog Abandoned By His Family Is One Of The Lucky Dogs Catching A Flight To Freedom

Senior Dog Abandoned By His Family Is One Of The Lucky Dogs Catching A Flight To Freedom

Louisiana animal shelters are overcrowded with adoptable dogs, and most are large dogs. They are struggling to find adopters as more dogs arrive every day. Sadly, some are at risk of euthanasia due to lack of space.

Every dog deserves a second chance at a forever home so that is why every month - with your support - we fly shelter dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters to states with shelters that have open kennels and adopters waiting to meet them.

This month's Flight to Freedom will give 50 lucky dogs in Louisiana a new life in New Jersey or Rhode Island. The flight is scheduled to depart on March 20, but we need your help to fly these dogs to freedom.

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One of the dogs on the flight will be Sparky. "I’m Sparky and I was surrendered by my family after a new baby arrived and they decided to move to a house where the landlord didn't really like dogs. I'm a little confused about that... I mean who wouldn't like me? I'm eight years old, laid back, I know to go potty outside and I'm pretty darn cute if you ask me!"

The 8-year-old Labrador retriever was abandoned by the only family he has ever known. Save A Pet took him in and has been showering him with love and taking him for daily walks to help him adjust to shelter life.


The sweet fella deserves a loving home to enjoy his golden years and that is exactly what he will get. Sparky was informed by staff that he will be leaving Louisiana and the shelter shared his response, "I am sooo EXCITED! I have my bags packed and I can’t wait to fly on their cool airplane and go meet my new family."

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Will you help fly Sparky and dozens of other dogs to FREEDOM?

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Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety. Your donation will save the lives of stray dogs like Sully and Juno and give them the opportunity to find a loving home. Please, help these pups get their own lucky break this St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

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