Dog Goes Viral For The Weird Way She Poses In Photos

Dog Goes Viral For The Weird Way She Poses In Photos

Everyone enjoys content that features quirky little animals. The internet is full of all sorts of adorable animal "influencers" being themselves and delighting their audiences. But there is one dog who is gaining a bunch of new followers on account for how she poses for pictures.

Kiko is a pup with a lot of personality. She is not afraid to be herself, even if that's a little unconventional.

The precious little pup is more than happy to embrace her inner weirdo with the way that she takes photos - and we are unable to stop laughing.

As it turns out, this little canine is going full-on exorcist with the way she snaps her head behind her when taking a picture. In fact, the first time she did it, she practically scared her owners.

Her owner, Ashleigh Macpherson, shared with Bored Panda that little Kiko is nine months old. She's the daughter of their 3-year-old dog, Mika.

In addition to Mika and Kiko, Macpherson also has a one-and-a-half-year-old pooch named Tofu. Mika and Tofu pose completely normally when taking group photos, but Kiko does not.

In fact, she has always done this. Her strange photo poses are a part of who she is. And while she might be a little silly, Macpherson shared that she comes by it honestly as her family members are "crazy little dogs who are sassy and very cat-like."

Macpherson added when speaking with Bored Panda, "They are very talkative and have so much to say. They are small dogs with huge personalities."

Macpherson also shared that Kiko was born during the pandemic so she's a little COVID pup and she spent the majority of her early days growing up during a lockdown.

Kiko was also a solo pup who didn't have any siblings in her litter. She did have plenty of cats to keep her entertained, something that Macpherson offered as an explanation for her actions, saying, "Maybe that's why she's such a weird character."

Macpherson further noted that the little trio of dogs keep her quite busy as they have loads of energy. In addition to getting plenty of exercise, the dogs are also part of daily obedience training - something to keep them from running completely amuck.

They're absolutely adorable, and we're so glad that Kiko has such a bizarre little habit. It certainly keeps things interesting.

What do you think of Kiko's ability to strike a pose? Does your dog have any strange habits? Let us know!

Anastasia Arellano

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