Woman Stops To Free Wild Skunk Trapped In A Dr. Pepper Can

Woman Stops To Free Wild Skunk Trapped In A Dr. Pepper Can

A brave woman in Canada set aside her fear of getting sprayed to save a skunk in need.

Roxane Delaire was driving in Gatineau, Quebec when she spotted something unusual along the side of the road. After getting a closer look, she realized it was a skunk that was trapped in an aluminum can.

The poor thing had managed to get its head wedged into the open top of the soda can but it couldn't get the can back off.

While many people would carry on their way, too afraid of getting sprayed to stop and help, Delaire isn't like most people. She immediately pulled to the side of the road and jumped out to help the poor thing.

With the can on its head, the skunk was in danger of starving to death or falling prey to predators or the elements. It's unlikely it could've survived long without help.

Thankfully, it did have help as Delaire was able to grab the animal and pull the can from its head. The skunk quickly skurried away and didn't spray her.

Delaire shared a video of the rescue on Facebook:

The following day, she shared close-up photos of the Dr. Pepper can that the skunk had been trapped in.

She captioned the post (translated), "Here's the skunk can from yesterday. She had her head caught in this!"

It's a good reminder to always dispose of trash and recycle properly so it's not a threat to wildlife.

Malorie Thompson

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