Pet Parents Have Supernatural Connection With Their Pets, Survey Finds

Pet Parents Have Supernatural Connection With Their Pets, Survey Finds

Halloween is all about supernatural, mythical, and magical beings, and tasty treats. Most pet owners (79%) will partake in the festivities by dressing up their beloved fur kid and showing off their matching costumes as they go trick-or-treating.

Humans and pets have a special bond that "goes beyond this physical realm" and Rover, the world’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers, wanted to dive a little deeper. They took a survey of 1,000 pet parents to "explore the mysterious, paranormal side of our connection with them."

Deep Connection

The survey found, "The majority (57%) of pet parents describe their connection with their pets as emotional, intellectual and spiritual. 96% of pet parents wish they knew for sure what their pet was thinking or feeling and 86% of pet parents have felt like they could read their pet’s mind at some point."

Maybe believing is seeing...

Paranormal Activity

When the pet parents were asked if they believe in the supernatural, it was an astounding yes. "80% of pet parents believe in paranormal activity, and 73% are convinced that their pet possesses a sixth sense or the ability to sense paranormal occurrences."

Connecting With Lost Pets

Dogs and cats fill our days with joy and laughter and make our lives whole. The hardest part of being a pet parent is saying goodbye as our friends cross the Rainbow Bridge. They are gone from this world but never forgotten.

Rover discovered, "One in four (28%) pet parents would choose to communicate with a deceased pet if they could and 39% of pet parents would be likely to visit a pet psychic or medium to better communicate with a living, or passed, pet."

Pets Have Sixth Sense

Dogs and cats have a much greater sense of smell and hearing than humans and use that to almost predict the future.

There are countless times where a dog or cat has alerted their owner to a health concern by sniffing, pawing, or resting on a certain area of the body.

"Sixty percent of those surveyed shared stories of their pets foreseeing events such as pregnancies, illnesses, or even unexpected weather phenomena."

Another way they can "predict the future" is by being in tune with their humans and predicting their reactions. "91% of pet parents believe their pets can predict or sense their emotions."

Dogs look at their human's facial expressions, body language, and listen to their tone of voice to get a sense of how they are feeling. Just another reason to love dogs.

Check out The Dog People, a blog by Rover, for more pet tips, tricks, and information.

Halloween is a time to enjoy all things magical and mythical with your best friend. Have a Happy Howl-o-ween and don't forget to share these scary good findings with your friends and family.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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