Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Hearing Her Owner Bark

Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Hearing Her Owner Bark

The best part about TikTok is the way the same idea can spread to millions of people and create millions of unique moments.

When given the simple prompt, "Bark at your dog, and see what they do," users delivered tons of hilarious videos!

TikTok user Adrian Chateau Wiles decided to try the challenge with her pup, Keiko, and the results are truly something special:

Dogs communicate not just through barks but body language, behaviors, and other cues.

So, while they've gotten pretty good at understanding humans even without our barking, it throws them for a loop when they hear us giving it our best shot! But how do they perceive human barks?

"Looking at your pet’s body language when you bark is an excellent indicator of whether he has understood your bark tone – and what he thinks you are trying to say," writes

"If your dog takes on an aggressive stance or puts his ears and tail down, you are best to stop barking because he clearly doesn’t like the tone," they added.


So, if you decide to try out the challenge, make sure to use your most nonthreatening bark -- I tried it with my pup, Blueberry, and he just blinked slowly at me. Not exactly TikTok worthy.

See more reactions to the challenge below:

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