Dog Showed Up On Woman’s Patio Chair & Refused To Leave Until He Was Adopted

Dog Showed Up On Woman’s Patio Chair & Refused To Leave Until He Was Adopted

One family peeked outside and discovered an unexpected guest sitting on a chair on their back patio.

The surprise visitor was an adorable dog who made himself right at home and never left.

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Every morning when Amy Haden looked outside, he was sitting there. And every day when she got home from work, he was still there. She knew she had to do something to help him.

She took him in and began reaching out to her community to try and find the dog's owner. She posted all over social media, contacted all of her neighbors, and did everything she could.

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Her neighbors said they've seen the dog wandering around for a while now, and suspected that he didn't have a home. Since no one ever claimed him, Haden brought him to the vet to get scanned for a chip, but he unfortunately didn't have one.

She decided to name him Walker and continued to care for him while she kept searching for his potential owners. When none were found, she knew she had to find a permanent solution.

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Although Walker is such a sweet dog, Haden's other dogs didn't get along with him, so she was unable to keep him herself. But she knew she wouldn't adopt him out to just anyone.

Eventually, she found him the perfect home wit ha sweet little old lady who says she had been praying for a dog like him.

Her the whole rescue story in the video below:

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