Woman Rescues Seal Entangled In Fishing Net "Begging For Help" On Beach

Woman Rescues Seal Entangled In Fishing Net "Begging For Help" On Beach

Seals are marine mammals who are often seen basking in the sun on beaches and docks. While people are often tempted to approach for a closer look, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reminds people and their pets to always stay at least 50 yards away from seals.

This is a rule that two woman strolling along their local beach always follow, until the day they saw a seal in desperate need of help.

The seal was entangled in a fishing net and struggling to get free. As one brave woman slowly approached the stressed seal, the other recorded the rescue.

The video was shared on TikTok by @katieroseorange and has gone viral with millions of views. The text overlay read, "I know you aren't supposed to approach a seal on the beach. But this one was begging for help. (I come across them often, and don't usually approach)".


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In the video, the woman slowly and carefully removes the net and reassures the seal that she is there to help. In under a minute the net was removed, and all were relieved.

The women stepped back and let the seal have some space while they called for help. The exhausted seal took a nap on the beach until the animal rescue arrived.

The video ended with a shot of the sleeping seal and the good news that, "she was able to go back out to sea."


Part 2: Before and After the untangling….

♬ original sound - Katie O

The courageous woman is being called a hero and both are being commended for their kind act.

NOAA asks that if you spot an injured, entangled, or sick animal to please report it. "If you think an animal is in trouble—if it’s entangled, stranded, sick, or injured—please report it. And, keep your distance. These animals are already vulnerable and may be more likely to bite."

Learn more on how you can help by visiting their website.

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