Woman Saves a 'Ninja Squirrel' That Becomes Part of the Family

Woman Saves a 'Ninja Squirrel' That Becomes Part of the Family

You never know what life is going to throw in your direction, and at times, it can be something you never expected. That is what the woman in this story experienced when she brought home a new friend.

It was a little squirrel named Flip, and he became an important part of their lives. In fact, his story may inspire you to pay more attention to our little friends outside.

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It all started when she and her husband were out one day and found Flip alone and abandoned. The squirrels had a nest in the peak of their house, and they think he may have fallen from it.

Letting Nature Care For Its Own

Of course, it was possible that the mother would come back to get her little one, so they left him there and watched closely for the next few hours. When the mother didn't return, they felt it was their responsibility to care for Flip.

When they first brought him into the home, he was very tiny. He didn't have any hair, and he was only a couple of inches long.

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Flip's eyes didn't open for weeks, and all he did was sleep all day. They were concerned about his well-being, so his new mom would even get up every few hours just to check on him.

Like many types of animals, a squirrel will imprint on one person. Since she cared for him every day since he was very young, he imprinted on her, and she became his mom.

A Whole New Flip

These days, Flip is not only healthy, but he is also chunky. He definitely is a well-fed squirrel, and he has learned to trust the humans in his life.

They have a lot of fun watching Flip run around the house, and he even wants them to join in the chase. They feel that he is like a little ninja, and he gets the zoomies every day.

Even though she didn't start out thinking that she would ever have a squirrel, she feels that Flip brings so much to their life. Quite simply, she wouldn't have it any other way.


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