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NOVICA Artisan Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez

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Novica friends, it's a pleasure to introduce myself – I'm Carlos, a Nicaraguan ceramist wholeheartedly devoted to his craft. Clay runs through my veins, and I've worked in this art form all of my life. I am a humble and hard working man. I strive to live each day the best way possible, and I am proud to be able to tell you that a few years ago I managed to beat a terrible depression.

My will to live and not be defeated is what has brought me here, and now. I can fully enjoy my art, my family, and my recreational time. I love playing soccer and our team has won several championships. I play soccer at the weekends and feel as if I'm playing in a big stadium… even though we're playing on a sand pitch!

"I learned this craft out of sheer personal interest. I come from a village in which ceramic is the milk with which our mothers feed us. I was keen to learn and I would while the hours away observing the village ceramists at their workshops and learning each step in the process.

"My favorite are the geometric designs because of the details, which require a lot of patience and perfection. The people that work alongside me are incredible and are always finding ways to improve upon themselves.

"Seeing how people such as Novica customers are taking interest in our work has reignited my dreams. I hope one day to have a larger workshop, be able to offer jobs to more people, and be able to buy a little house where my family and I can live comfortably and safely.

"Thank you friends from around the world. The fact that you're taking the time to read my story fills me with happiness."