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NOVICA Artisan Jarintorn


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I'm Jarintorn Phuktong but you can call me Nan. I was born in 1981 in a suburb of Chiang Mai. I've spent my life staying close to nature.

After studying economics in Chiang Mai, I opened my own restaurant. I also began crafting decorations from fabric with hill tribe motifs, and some of my diners wanted to buy them. I continued crafting and started selling my designs in the restaurant.

"My very first creation was a pair of earrings made from colorful threads and fabric. I observed the patterns and colors of hill tribe clothing, then imagined earrings that would match and I started to create them. I used fabric from different hill tribes so the patterns would be varied, yet unique in a tribal way.

"What impressed me the most was first time I got a blouse from a hill tribe child. They wove it for me and I used the fabric for my work.

"All of my jewelry is handcrafted by housewives in my village, or students who want part-time work, or some who want to do this for a hobby.

"Besides my jewelry, I also make mobiles, key rings, apparel and cloth bags. But I focus only on handmade items with hill tribe fabric and motifs. I think this is the secret that makes my designs unique, but they are more modern in style and appropriate for every generation.

"Today, I have three sons and I also take care of my parents. Sometimes during the low season, I have a hard time selling my work but I try my best to make it through. I want the hill tribe style of Thailand to be more widely known and hope you like it."