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Komang Widiana

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My name is Komang Widiana. I was born in the Gianyar province of Bali. My village is well known for the type of jewelry we design and create in gold and silver. As a child, my parents taught me how to make rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Having graduated from secondary school, I was encouraged by my father to create my own designs.

Making a single piece of beautiful jewelry requires a specific procedure. When working with silver, each step must be carried out individually; different motifs require different procedures.

"In 1985 I started working together with art shops in my village and thanks to them I was given a chance to join an exhibition designed for small handicraft industries. My work was well accepted and I continued to attend every year. I am proud to say I have won several awards for the originality and quality of my work, including one presented by the Governor of Bali, and two from the Industry Council of Bali."