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NOVICA Artisan Cesar Godoy

Cesar Godoy

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My name is Cesar Godoy and I was born in the state of Jalisco in 1971. I used love to paint when I was little boy, and when I was 15 years I used to visit a silversmith's workshop where I would spend hours watching people at work and learning some of their techniques. I especially enjoyed practicing lost wax techniques. Years later, my father, brothers and I, we decided to start our own silversmith workshop. It was a place for me to keep training with lost wax techniques and where I could develop my own designs.

By the time I was 24 years old I had designed several collections and they seemed to find a great acceptance in the general public. At that time, I enrolled in some sculpting classes, as well as in the use of different materials and techniques.

"My effort is constant, and these days I am already working on new collections that range from ethnic to vanguard styles.

"My greatest source of inspiration are all the different pre-Hispanic cultures. However, my aim is to give them a more contemporary style. My hope is that people from around the world can get to appreciate our culture through a piece of jewelry."