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NOVICA Artisan Guillermo Arregui

Guillermo Arregui

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Update (August, 2019)

"For me, every moment is very important. I enjoy them to the fullest, since each one is a beautiful inspiration for me.

"We have worked with you for just over eight years, and it has taught us so much. The constancy and the belief that what we do we must do well, has been a key element to follow. Administrative modernization remains a huge challenge. This was one of the most significant changes that allowed us to grow.

"We have grown in many ways, and that is thanks to our dedicated work and the response of people who continue to buy our jewelry. Each piece tells a story that carries a large part of us. That is unavoidable. We continue working in the same place, but we have been adapting to new needs in furnishings, tools and personnel. This has allowed us to teach our methods and spread our vision.

"I believe that the greatest gift of working with you is having stability and the possibility of reflecting the image we have of our design identity. And to be able to guarantee a decent and pleasant way of working for our team; and to feed their dreams, talent and creativity.

"We will continue to create beautiful jewelry that reflects the traditions that we have maintained for generations, giving trend and beauty to Mexican silverwork.

Original Artisan Story

"I was born in Jaen, Spain. My passion is traveling and, when I was 16, I left my home and started traveling all over Europe. It was great. I saw great places and lived day by day. I stopped in the villages I liked, I worked at some simple jobs, and I slept under the stars.

"During my travels, I met an Italian girl. We got married and moved together to Mexico. Since that time, I have been living here and I love it. By chance, in 1985, we went to Taxco and I met a silversmith who opened the doors of his workshop to me. I learned everything.

"I get my inspiration from everything that surrounds me and, obviously, from all my traveling. I love natural stones. I cut them and do everything myself. I love doing this and my favorite stone is the turquoise.

"The biggest gift life gave me are my four children. In children, you see real love. They teach you how to love, they accept you and, with them, you can remember the real meaning of love.

"I enjoy life and I love being alive. I often think about the equality of human beings – despite the little differences, it is so important to always remember it. I feel happy when people like my designs. I love the idea that my jewelry becomes a part of you when you wear it."