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NOVICA Artisan Agung Jagra

Agung Jagra

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I was born into an artisan family in 1973. My father creates traditional paintings and wood carvings like masks and statuettes. I think my skill and talent in creating new designs are derived from his spirit. I still remember when I was a little boy — he always gave me wise words for my life through the fables and stories he'd tell me before I fell asleep.

Due to financial limitations at the time, I used to work hard. If I wanted to continue my studies in junior and senior high school, I had to pay the school fees by myself. There was once when I went to school barefoot, since I couldn't buy shoes. Then I worked after school as a wood carver, creating wall panels that sold in the art market. The first time I received money from carvings created by my hands, I felt so happy! I felt proud and peaceful. That day I bought books, stationery and school supplies and also some groceries for my mother.

Living in Bali gives me a lot of inspiration for creating new designs. My work is influenced mostly by Balinese culture and my father's art — his traditional paintings and masks. The atmosphere in our home is full of artistry.

I'm married and have children who make my life more fascinating and colorful. Friends describe me as a smart guy, jaunty and friendly. I really like sports like badminton, table tennis and soccer.

I started crafting jewelry after meeting an American who taught me about jewelry designing. Because I live in an artist family atmosphere, I learned fast so I decided to work in this interesting field.

For me, creating something different or unique is really challenging. I work with the help of my family and other relatives, and we all support one another. I prefer to use sterling silver, gold and brass as main materials, as I find them easy to work with. We use manual tools like solder and chisels.

I hope everyone likes my jewelry.