Fiber Artist Creates 3D Felted Wool Dog Portraits For Pet Owners

Fiber Artist Creates 3D Felted Wool Dog Portraits For Pet Owners

Pet memorabilia serves as a tangible reminder of the special bond and memories shared with a pet. It provides comfort to pet owners who have lost their furry friends and helps them to feel close to them even after they have passed away. It can also act as great decor for those with living pets.

Pet memorabilia allows pet owners to celebrate and honor the life of their pets. It can include items such as photographs, paw prints, collars, and toys that hold sentimental value. It can also be something creative, like a 3D felted wool portrait of your pet!

As it turns out, there's a fiber artist in Richmond, Virginia who creates just that for dog owners.

Anneli Kirby is a graphic designer and part-time dog portrait artist who runs Anneli Felts. She regularly shares photos and videos of her work on Instagram so you can get a feel for what she offers.

On her website, Anneli explains: "Each portrait has a unique style while capturing the pets personality...These are more of a fun caricature of your dog and not perfectly photo realistic."

She went on to say that she uses wool roving on a colored felt background to create a 3D effect. She said, "I use frames I find in local stores so inventory changes often."

While her portraits generally feature single dogs, she's occasionally done canine pairs and hopes to expand to cats in the future. Portraits are $200 for a solid background and $25 more with "wallpaper" or added graphics. Shipping in the US is included.

Check out the videos below:

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