91-Year-Old Substitute Teacher Busts Out The Dance Moves

91-Year-Old Substitute Teacher Busts Out The Dance Moves

I had some great teachers growing up, but that's not the experience everyone has. Some regretful teachers deliver information in the easiest and blandest medium possible, while others go above and beyond to make learning fun and exciting.

A substitute teacher who is allegedly in her 90s definitely falls into the latter category.

@mr_wildside shared a video of the teacher, writing in the clip: "this was freshamn year an our sub is well known for her dance moves she was 91-92 at the time."

In the video, you can see the teacher, believed to be a woman named Ms. Davis, busting out the best dance moves! Despite her alleged age, she doesn't miss a beat as the class watches and cheers.

According to the comments, Ms. Davis of Charleston, Illinois was lovingly known as "The Latin Lady" because she'd start each class by writing a quote in Latin on the board.

She sounds like someone special. Based on the comments, if nothing else, she was memorable!

You can see her impressive dance moves in the video below:

@mr_wildside #sad #freshman #funny #charlston #charleston #oldlady #grandma #beforecovid #betterdays ♬ original sound - AntiNightcore

Alyssa (TikTok user @uleebla) also shared a video of Ms. Davis, but this time she wasn't dancing: She was dabbing!

Check it out below:


if you saw @everthrillgaming ‘s video, this is the same substitute teacher and she is the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet!

♬ original sound - alyssa

Who was your most memorable teacher? Let us know!

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