94-Year-Old Man Befriends The Neighbor's Dogs

94-Year-Old Man Befriends The Neighbor's Dogs

Many years ago, it was common for neighbors to get together and become close. They would have each other over for barbeques and sometimes, they would play cards. At the very least, they knew their neighbors by name and would say hello.

Making friends with neighbors is not as common today, and in many cases, we may not even know our neighbors. There are still some neighborhoods where you not only know your neighbors but you become friends with them.

That is the case in South Carolina because a family has seen what a friendly neighbor can do. You see, they have two beautiful dogs, Charlie and Doug, and those dogs are friends with everyone.

When Mr. Bill, the man who lived next door, got to meet Charlie and Doug, it was a friendship that was going to go places. He is 94 years old, but he takes the opportunity to make friends with his neighbors whenever possible.

Charlie and Doug's human mom, Kimberly Hansberry, really appreciates the friendship that the elderly man has made with her two furry friends. She even took a video and shared it on TikTok so that everyone could enjoy the friendship.

In the video, you see the man walking over to the fence. If you look carefully at Mr. Bill's hand, you will see he is holding a cracker for his friends.

He stands at the fence and waits for the dogs to see him. Before long, one of the dogs comes running over and he tosses him a cracker.

Immediately, the dog would like another cracker but Mr. Bill is waiting for the second dog to arrive. He just couldn't resist having such a cute face in front of him, so he got a second cracker before his buddy came over.

Before long, the other dog arrives and he gets his treats as well. It's a good thing Mr. Bill brought plenty of crackers because the dogs love them.

@kimberlyhanberry Mr. Bill for president 🥹 #fyp #goldenretriever #southcarolina #ditl #trending #treat #wholesome #feelings ♬ You're My Best Friend - Acoustic - Paul Canning

The homeowner explains in the video that Mr. Bill comes and brings them treats when the weather is nice. She says how blessed they are to have moved right in behind him and adds, the world needs more Mr. Bills.

We agree with all our hearts!

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