American Veteran Who Was Captured By Russians Returns To Ukraine For Humanitarian Work

American Veteran Who Was Captured By Russians Returns To Ukraine For Humanitarian Work

People in the U.S. held their breath when Alabama native Alex Drueke was captured by the Russians in Ukraine.

According to Tuscaloosa News, Drueke was one of two American citizens captured while serving as volunteers in the Ukraine war.

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After being captured, Drueke was taken as a prisoner of war and interrogated and tortured. For three months, he endured brutal beatings, cruel psychological abuse, malnutrition, electrocution and more.

After three long months, Drueke was one of a lucky group of prisoners to be exchanged in a prisoner swap. He safely arrived back in New York back in September 2022.

He's only been back on U.S. soil for less than a year, but he's already returned to continue work in Ukraine. According to WBRC, he said: "It's the same reason I went the first time. The war isn't over."

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Since he returned to Ukraine, ABC News had the chance to interview Drueke for a news segment.

Though Drueke isn't fighting in the war this time, he is helping with humanitarian work. Specifically, he's working with the charity group Ukrainian Patriot.

In the interview, he said: "I realized that I legitimately have a second chance at life. There were countless times that I was less than a second away from death while I was over there. And so, you know, I'm trying to do positive things with it."

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Ukraine and Russia have been battling tirelessly since February 2022 when Russia invaded. While Russia likely thought it could take Ukraine in a matter of days, Ukraine proved to be a fighter, strengthened by a leader who boosted morale.

People from around the world stepped up to help Ukraine; U.S. troops helped train Ukrainian fighters, individuals booked Airbnb's they wouldn't stay in to support the Ukrainian economy, and veterans joined the war to help people and pets alike.

Drueke was one of the U.S. veterans who went over to help the efforts. Despite all he's been through, he's back again.

You can watch the interview with him below:

You can provide emergency relief to people and animals fleeing from attack in Ukraine. Donate now to help the people of Ukraine.

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