Lovely Lilly Longs to Brighten Your Life as Only an Adorable Adoptable Chocolate Lab Can

Lovely Lilly Longs to Brighten Your Life as Only an Adorable Adoptable Chocolate Lab Can


Hello everybody, I'm Lilly, and I'm happy to say I'm finally ready for my forever family! If you live in a quiet household and want to be a one-pet family and like cats and dogs, please read on! My foster, Auntie Nancy, says I'm like a cat-dog. I'm a chocolate Lab mix with the quiet energy of a cat and the sweetness and affection of a Lab. How cool is that?

My superpowers: I LOVE staying close to my human(s). Especially sitting next to my human and receiving belly rubs and head pats!

I'm fine being left alone in the house, although I prefer my human(s) to be there. I do not chew or destroy things. Auntie says I'm awesome at self-soothing if you don't mind me sleeping on your bed. I'm so comfortable there that I sometimes bring my favorite things to have close by me when Auntie is gone (like a shoe, my food bowl, etc.).

I love short walks and am gentle on the leash. I can't walk too long (usually about 20 minutes) because of my heartworm. I'm great in Auntie's small yard. When she's home, she lets me out to hunt for lizards and ground squirrels, and I rest quietly in the shade.

Ok, Auntie says I must share my lesser powers . . . I don't like other dogs or cats. There, I've said it. I love being the only pet in the house. Gosh, this is so freeing! I often bark at other dogs and might pull on the leash when we're out on a walk. I'm not perfect (yet). I'm in training, but will need your help to not be afraid.

Note: When I pull, it's never strong enough to hurt Auntie. I'm cautious with people, so please give me time to get to know you. Once I do, you can love me as much as you like! I wasn’t housebroken when I first came to Auntie. I proudly am now, but I might regress during my transition.

DISCLOSURE: I require a heartworm follow-up in April. I've been with Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue since April when I was diagnosed with heartworm. I've been through the long treatment process since then but recently tested positive on the heartworm antigen test.

That means I must be tested again in April 2024, and if I'm still positive, I will need two more injections. Auntie said I was a trooper going through all 3 of my prior shots, but I sure hope I'll be negative. If you think you could love someone like me in return for the endless love I can supply you, let's meet!

Interested parties can fill out an adoption application with DLRR.

Rebecca West

Rebecca is a writer and editor for both print and digital with a love for travel, history, archaeology, trivia, and architecture. Much of her writing has focused on human and animal health and welfare. A life-long pet owner, she has taken part in fostering dogs for military members during deployment and given many rescued and surrendered dogs the forever home they always wanted. Her two favorite canine quotes are, "Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are," and "My dog rescued me."

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