Redditor Uses Her Newborn Child For Some Petty Revenge Against Her Brother And Sister-In-Law

Redditor Uses Her Newborn Child For Some Petty Revenge Against Her Brother And Sister-In-Law

Your baby, your rules. That’s what it’s supposed to be, right?

Newborns are fragile and many people would want to spend the first few days or weeks with their babies just with their spouse and, if they have them, their other children.

So would it be petty to keep your infant away from other family members for a few months?

In normal circumstances, I would say no. But in today’s story, the situation’s a bit more complicated than just keeping your newborn safe and away from other people, even if they’re family.

AITA for not inviting my brother and sister-in-law to meet my baby because they didn't have visitors for three months after they had their baby?

Reading the title alone is enough to give judgment, honestly.

OP said that their brother and sister-in-law announced that they were taking the birth of their child only as a family and won’t be accepting any visitors in the hospital and their home for the first couple of months.

“I totally respected this. Brother didn't really care about visitors either way, but she specifically didn't want any visitors,” OP said.

Now, just 2 weeks after giving birth to her own child, OP posted this story on Reddit. Unlike her SIL, she allowed visitors in the hospital and their home. That is, except for her brother and the SIL.

Just a day before writing her story, OP had a family dinner where the family was able to hold her baby and take some pictures. Again, OP’s brother and SIL were not present (or should I say invited?). It’s 2023, and people are always on social media, so of course the family posted photos of their family dinner.

When the SIL saw the pictures, she was eager to visit and spend time with OP’s baby, but she was also curious about why they weren’t invited to the little get-together.

"Brother didn't really care, he just asked on her behalf. I was like, 'Y'all can meet my baby after three months. Thank you for respecting my choice.'"

Now, OP, you said that you “totally respected” their decision to spend the first few months with their baby just as a family unit. So why exactly do you seem like you’re trying to get them back for something that you supposedly respected?

“You didn't want me to meet my nephew for three months, so you can meet your niece after three months. So now she posted a subtweet about me, and I don't get why. She didn't let people meet her baby for three months, so why should I let her meet mine? I respected her choice, so I don't understand what the problem is.”


Of course, OP was labeled as the AH. I told you all that choosing to spend the first few months with your newborn is reasonable; it’s the safest choice for the baby anyway. But choosing to ostracize your brother and SIL just because they didn’t want other people to visit their baby for a few months is just...not it. Their rule wasn’t just particularly for you!

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