Canadian Woman Says She Can't Sleep In Australia Due To "Satanic" Bird Noises

Canadian Woman Says She Can't Sleep In Australia Due To "Satanic" Bird Noises

Australia is known for its wildlife, particularly the wildlife that wants to hurt you. As a country, it's often at the butt of jokes about deadly snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlers.

While some people choose to stay far away, others are drawn to it - like a Canadian woman named Amanda.

Amanda moved to Australia from her home country and currently lives on the mid-north coast of NSW. While she made the decision to move and live in Australia, she's taken to TikTok share her gripes with the country.

Amanda, who goes by @australiaisweird on TikTok, regularly shares the things she finds "weird" about Australia as a country.

In a recent viral clip, she revealed that "the birds in aus are absolutely s@tanic."

In the video, she said: "When you want to sleep in but you live in Australia and the birds start performing their satanic rituals at 6:00 am."

The clip was accompanied by some lovely screeching sounds from the birds outside, most likely kookaburras.

You can hear the disturbing sounds for yourself in the video below:

@australiaisweird The birds in aus are absolutely s@tanic #australia #midnorthcoast #australianbirds #birds #birdcalls #greenscreenvideo #nosleep #birding #birdwatching #nsw #straya #annoying ♬ original sound - Amanda | 🇨🇦 in 🇦🇺

It's clear that Amanda isn't thrilled with the sound of the kookaburra, but other Aussies were quick to defend the iconic bird.

"Waking up to the sound of a kookaburra is the best start to a day," one person commented, while another added: "I actually love the sound of a kookaburra at sunrise."

What do you think of the bird noises? Let us know!

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