Baby Capybara Rides "Piggyback" On Mom To Get Across The Pond

Baby Capybara Rides "Piggyback" On Mom To Get Across The Pond

An adorable video shows the sweet moment a mama capybara gives her baby a ride across the pond.

In the clip, the little rodent baby can be seen gliding across the top of the water as if he's floating on it, but then you can see Mom underneath.

Mom's head peeks out from the water as she gives the young rodent a piggyback ride of sorts to get safely across the pond.

While some people might suspect that large rodents like the capybara would prefer to stay on dry land, they're actually avid swimmers!

According to the San Diego Zoo, the capybara is the largest rodent in the world. Because of their dry skin, capybaras spend a lot of time swimming and cooling off in rivers, ponds, marshes, or wherever standing water is available.

They also feed on water plants and use water to hide from predators! According to the zoo, capybaras can spend up to 5 minutes submerged in water to hide if danger presents itself.

It's no wonder the mama and her baby in the video seem like such naturals in the water - it's because they are!

Check out the sweet clip below:

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