Mom and Dad Amazed When Baby Takes First Steps Toward Their Dog

Mom and Dad Amazed When Baby Takes First Steps Toward Their Dog

Why children instinctively know that they can find a special friendship with pets is a mystery. A kind of friendship that's built on unconditional love and genuine loyalty.

A type of friend whom they know will never judge them. That even though it cannot talk, kids know a pet can understand what they feel. This kind of friendship matters to children -- in fact, to everyone. We want to breathe freely, and it's a huge relief to do it in the company of a sympathetic and non-judgmental friend.

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Studies have even proved that pet ownership helps people with mental health issues.

"It has become clear that pet ownership impacts various mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and autism. Individuals who are struggling with medical conditions, such as seizures, tics, chronic pain, and other conditions have anecdotally reported benefits from pet ownership. I know this from my own practice working with clients who present with various chronic medical conditions," Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP, told VeryWell Family.

Here are more benefits of pet ownership for children:

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  • Helps to reduce stress. Life can be very challenging for children and teenagers. They have to cope with the everyday demands of schooling, interacting with other people (some of whom may not like them or may even bully them), and pleasing their families. Pets help in such a way that kids feel better when they hug and cuddle them.
  • Helps kids to overcome loneliness. With pets by their side, kids don't feel completely left alone when a problem arises. They can talk to them without any fear of being judged or scolded. Also, even if a child does not make friends easily, a pet's friendship brings fulfillment and happiness.
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  • Teaches children to be compassionate and responsible. Pets depend on humans for their needs, like food, water, exercise, and companionship. As kids learn how to care for pets, they develop empathy and a strong sense of responsibility. These virtues will help them to be more successful in human relationships and careers later in life.

In this story, you'll be delighted about Luca's friendship with Vito. Vito is a six-year-old boxer who welcomed Luca into his heart the moment the baby arrived home.

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He has not felt any jealousy for his little brother. As a matter of fact, he had been expecting him ever since his fur mom made him aware of her pregnancy. Vito's fur parents wanted him to know that he would soon have a baby brother to care for and play with in time.

As for Luca? He's grown so fond of his big brother in no time! Vito is his nanny, playmate, and friend. Vito watches him grow bigger every day . . . until that day Luca learns to walk!

To the amazement of Luca's parents, the baby took his first steps not toward them but toward their dog Vito! They are so thrilled that the two have really bonded like brothers. They can almost see the exciting future that Vito and Luca will share together, and what more can loving parents wish for?

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